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Want to go from idea to profit?

Whether you are a creative entrepreneur

that needs a system to go from idea to profit

or you are a driven entrepreneur that is seeking to

prioritize your well being while you create profit,


I am here to help you.

Choose the Best Business Idea for You So You Can Start Your Business (Even if You Just Start Part Time) 

Access the FREE VIDEO training and learn how to go from Idea to Profit.


I'm Sandra.

I help new and aspiring entrepreneurs go from idea to profit while balancing their personal growth so that they can have fulfillment and profit. I have been launching products, services and businesses for 20 years, and I have 10 years and over 10,000 hours of personal growth experience. I am here to help you evolve into the best version of yourself and increase your profits in business.


Want to start a business so you can have the freedom to be yourself while creating profit ?

Here are three ways I can start helping you now:



Listen to enrich your business and personal growth

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Watch to expand your belief in yourself

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Join to create financial freedom on your terms

Get Inspired

with wisdom to help you discover your true self and grow a profitable business

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Get Connected

with entrepreneurs that can help you expand your awareness of your true potential

Join the Facebook Group Potential + Profit Seekers

This is a group for entrepreneurs who want to explore their true potential so they can start and grow a business and have fulfilment and profit.

Fashionable Young Woman

"I love Sandra, her knowledge and experience are priceless, throughout the coaching calls I tend to get my answers without asking a question, it is as if Sandra knows where I am at and what I need without me asking. There is some magic that is mind blowing, at every stage all my doubts, insecurities and fears about launching my business has dissolved. I am clear that all I need is to take consistent action and apply all the teachings and knowledge. It has been a delight to experience the evolution of my business since I began working with Sandra."

Jaya Sangu

“Wisdom without judgement, it's my privilege to offer such a magical combination to each and every client.”



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