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"FREE VIDEO TRAINING" Shares How You Can Start a Business (Even if You Just Started Part Time) and Make 1K in 6 Weeks.

Start now to create financial freedom on your terms.

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NOTE: You will need to confirm your email to access the video training. 

In This Free Video Training You'll Learn How To:

A lot of people know they want to start a business, but they don't have a clue how to get started. It just seems so big, so daunting, and so unknown. Learn how to come up with business ideas that are best for you.

Choose the Best Business Idea for You

You may have a bunch of ideas, or you may have some new ideas after the brainstorming lesson and exercise, and now you will learn how to prioritize and choose the best business idea for you.

Impact statements describe the intention you have to create or to cause an effect with your business. You will learn how to clarity your intentions. Your intentions matter, they matter to your audience, and they should matter to you.

Many entrepreneurs skip or they do a very poor job of defining their target market because they simply don’t understand the importance of it and the risks of not doing a good job at this stage. You will learn how to define demographics, psychographics and power wants.

It is easy to identify when you don’t feel valued or appreciated, but knowing your value is different. You exchange your value in business and life by the unique way you connect and communicate with people. You will learn how to tap into and express your own value.

Money has no meaning until we give it meaning, money in and of its self is neutral.  Money changes as we project our meaning onto it and it begins to show up more or less depending upon our beliefs. You will learn how to develop an abundant money mindset.

Yes, I Want To Start a Business and

Make 1K in 6 Weeks.

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