What if all you needed was someone to see your potential...

What if you stopped second-guessing yourself, ideas just flowed, and your actions turned into profit — sound too good to be true?



If you are an entrepreneur or you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, there is one thing you cannot avoid and that is GROWTH.

If your business does not grow it fails, it stagnates, it dies…and if you don’t grow along with your business, you fail, you stagnate, and your potential dies too.


Starting a business venture is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You may be an expert in your business area, and you will still need to leverage other resources to run a profitable business.


Yes, it’s a challenge…it’s actually a series of ongoing challenges.


And the business is not the entity that is going to have the challenges, the business is nothing without the human that is doing the business.


So it’s on you, you are going to have to learn to rise above the challenges, to grow your business and to grow yourself.

"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it." 
― Maya Angelou

Hello! I'm Sandra.

I'm a business coach and I see you, I see your true potential. I can mirror it back to you and guide you to discover your truth and create profit in your business.


I have been launching products, services and businesses for 20 years, and I have 10 years and over 10,000 hours of personal growth experience.

I show up for you 100% present. You will have my attention, my unconditional acceptance and my love.

You can have it all. You can be your best self, make a big impact in the world and profit in your business.

Who is the Business Blueprint Session For?

The Business Blueprint Session is for you if you:

  • Are new to coaching and want to experience the results of a coaching session

  • Are exploring starting a business and want clarity on the next best steps to take

  • Want clarity on a specific area of business or personal development 

Each session is framed with the proprietary EPDL formula.

I developed the EPDL formula to give entrepreneurs a structure for creating business and personal success. After all, business success alone is not the answer to true fulfillment.

From confusion to crystal clear clarity...

I was looking to solve a challenge I had been dealing with for a number of years...

During my strategy session with Sandra, I was blown away with her ability to truly listen with all of her heart and mind. I was able to see a lifelong pattern, obtain a continual theme and gather some very impactful insights.

She lead me to my solution with her brilliant and powerful questions.

The EPDL formula consists of 4 phases of business and personal development.



  2. PLAN



The 4 phases are cyclical, as your business grows you will continue to cycle thru the 4 phases. At any given time, you may be active in one phase while researching another phase.


The EXPLORE phase is all about creativity. You are free to dream, explore, imagine and create. This is by far the favourite phase for most entrepreneurs. Your priorities in this phase are to:

  • Clarify your “why"

  • Identify your business vision

  • Create your personal definition of success


The PLAN phase is the time to structure your clarity. This is the part of business development that is most critical to long term success. Your priorities in this phase are to:

  • Create a foundation for your business model

  • Plan for business growth

  • Create your personal growth roadmap


The DEVELOP phase is all about building your product or service. In this phase you evaluate every opportunity based on its business value. Your priorities in this phase are to:

  • Build a test plan and perform beta testing

  • Learn how to price your product or service

  • Create offers, packages and bundles 

The LAUNCH phase is the gratification for the hard work. You finally get to introduce your product or service to the public. Your priorities in this phase are to:

  • Create a vested interest in your business brand

  • Engage with your target audience

  • Learn to trust yourself and build trust in relationships

As your business grows and you develop new products or services you will continue to follow the business development cycle.


Having clarity in each of the 4 business development phases and a solid plan will work miracles in your business. 


And yes, you can make an impact and a profit.

How is the Business Blueprint Session Structured?


The Business Blueprint Session is meant to give you an overview of the EPDL formula, and specifically how it can be implemented to grow your business. 

As part of the Business Blueprint Session you will articulate the phase of business development that is most critical to you at the present time.

During the Business Blueprint Session we will deep dive into the business or personal development phase that is of the highest priority to you. 

From limitations to possibilities...

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Sandra. She made me realize that I can make my passion into profit. Sandra listen to me and helped me to clarify and eliminate self limiting thoughts. She was able to bring to light more limitations then I realized that were holding me back. She helped me see how I can overcome them. She shared resources and tools on how I can move forward with greater confidence and in just a week I have already made huge headway in my business.

What Does a Business Blueprint Session include?

  • 60 minutes one on one via video or phone

  • Impactful questions that identify your unique priorities 

  • Deep dive into the EPDL phase that is your priority

  • Motivation and mindset advice to overcome barriers

  • Crafting of a go forward action plan with brilliant clarity


During your Business Blueprint Session, we'll dig into everything you need to know right now to plan for your right next step as you go forward to make a profit and an impact.


You'll leave your Business Blueprint Session with an action plan and an authentic jolt to your confidence.

Your new perspective, knowledge, and strategies will give you the brilliant clarity you so richly deserve.

In clarity you will be able to know what to action next, how to prioritize your goals and your action items, how to prioritize your marketing dollars, how to present yourself and your business brand.

Coaching is a transfer of energy. We will work together to get beyond the mind chatter and to discover your intuitive senses. As you tune into your intuition your ability to gain clarity will naturally flourish.

A Woman with a Black Hat

"I love Sandra, her knowledge and experience are priceless, throughout the coaching calls I tend to get my answers without asking a question, it is as if Sandra knows where I am at and what I need without me asking. There is some magic that is mind blowing, at every stage all my doubts, insecurities and fears about launching my business has dissolved. I am clear that all I need is to take consistent action and apply all the teachings and knowledge. It has been a delight to experience the evolution of my business since I began working with Sandra."

Jaya Sangu


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