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Casey James Combden has owned and consulted to 25+ businesses over the past 10 years spanning the financial services, wealth management and corporate structuring, internet, health and wellness, publishing, wholesale, real estate, venture capital, and automotive and trucking industries just to name a few.

An author of 5 books, Casey appeared in the movie “Pass It On” (a sequel to “The Secret”), and has spoken in front of millions in conventions around the world.

Casey created a sales training and recruiting organization of 250,000+ people that rivals the largest companies in the world.


Casey's coaching philosophy is founded on  the principle of furthering human potential through advanced awareness.  

Utilizing the propriety Human Potential Life Map™ , Casey is able to assess the totality of the client's experience through 10 areas of reflection.

Casey leads client's to discover better solutions, to implement faster change, and create stronger and more sustainable results in their lives.

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