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How Do I Become an Affiliate?


Idea2Profit is a group coaching program led by Sandra Francisco with guest experts that teach smart, and effective business development and personal development strategies to new entrepreneurs that are exploring the transition from a job to a business or have already quit their job and started a business and want a structured system to go from idea to profit.

Whether you are looking to explore an idea and gain your financial freedom, already made a change and left your job to start a business, or you are running a side business and want to take it to the next level, the Idea2Profit program is designed to get you the business of your dreams.​​

Are You Ready To Make a Change and...

Create financial freedom on your terms

Feel inspired, capable, and passionate 

Make a positive impact in the world 

Connect with a like minded community

Build a profitable, purpose driven business

You can have all of is possible!


Idea2Profit includes weekly live video group coaching sessions as well as16 modules of content covering the Explore, Plan, Develop and Launch phases. You will have lifetime access to the video content. All of the video content is online, contained in a private members only site.

In addition, you will have access to video content from business and personal development experts.

You will be provided with two world class assessment tools. The first, Wealth Dynamics shows you eight paths to wealth and that one of those paths is the correct one for you so that you can discover the talents you were born with and capitalized on them. The second, Human Design is a system that explains how you were built, and how to best respond to the world. Human Design shows you how to access your most ideal decision-making process, and ultimately how to live as your true self. 


The program will follow the formula of EXPLORE, PLAN, DEVELOP, LAUNCH. Each week you will gain new knowledge, strategies, tools and coaching to get you that much closer to evolving from idea to profit. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from Sandra as well as a group of specially selected entrepreneurs.


You will get expert feedback and support to Explore, Plan, Develop and Launch your business. You will also have access to support from your community of like minded entrepreneurs in the members only community.




Kiera Wineck

“I was first drawn to Idea2Profit because I was just starting my self employed journey. I was already in launch phase but it was so beneficial for me to start the program from the explore phase. I discovered so many new systems and strategies to implement in my business. I would never have this knowledge without this program and Sandra by my side."

Sandra 3MB.png

Hello! I'm Sandra.

I'm a business coach and I see you, I see your potential. I can mirror it back to you and guide you to create profit in your business and make an impact in the world.


I have been launching products, services and businesses for 20 years, and I have 10 years and over 10,000 hours of personal growth experience.

I show up for you 100% present. You will have my attention, my unconditional acceptance and my love.

LOVE, the necessary ingredient in business. No one will love your business until you do.

You won't make an impact on your community and the world unless you love what you are doing and who you are being.

You can have it all. You can profit while making an impact.


Clover Lam

“Idea2Profit has been instrumental in helping me identify my target market and my brand. This is something I have been struggling to define for years. I love the weekly coaching calls, meeting with like minded business owners and having the accountability to grow my business.”


Whether you are looking to explore an idea and gain your financial freedom, already made a change and left your job to start a business, or you are running a side business and want to take it to the next level you’re in the right place.

The Idea2Profit program is for YOU if you’re…

  • Seeking to make a change and create the business of your dreams

  • Wanting more fulfilment than your current career is providing

  • Looking to go from idea to business launch or take your business to the next level

  • Seeking freedom and the power to create your own destiny

  • Prepared to do the work to be a better version of yourself

  • Looking for guidance, direction and accountability to achieve your goals and dreams

  • Motivated to profit in business and committed to personal growth

Making a change is difficult, but no more difficult than remaining in a situation that is not nurturing you to grow.


Here’s What You Will Get in the Idea2Profit Program

Explore Your Potential


Phase 1: Module 1- 4

At the End of this Coaching Module You Will Have:

  • The clarity on the best business idea for you

  • Discovered your Wealth Dynamics and Human Design profiles

  • Reorganized your focus towards your best path to wealth

  • Created your take to market blueprint

  • Experienced a higher level of  self acceptance and personal power

  • Defined your “why” and purpose to be in business 

  • Created and refined your business vision and mission

  • Identified your personal definition of success

  • Clarified your unique brand and your target market

Female Developers


Phase 3: Module 9 - 12

At the End of this Coaching Module You Will Have:

  • Learned how to price your product or service to maximize profit

  • The ability to create winning offers, packages and bundles

  • Developed a greater sense of your authentic self 

  • Ability to create positive habits

  • Built a test plan to perform beta testing of your product or service

  • Cultivated a healthy relationship with money to foster abundance

  • Designed an exceptional customer service experience

  • The know how to conduct market research to understand what influences your buyers decisions

Coworkers plan work


Phase 2: Module 5 - 8

At the End of this Coaching Module You Will Have: ​​​

  • Brilliant clarity and a feeling of knowing what to do next in your business

  • Created a clear and concise one year plan to execute your business idea

  • Decided on the best business model to maximize your profits

  • Identified your challenges and mapped out a go forward plan to overcome and thrive 

  • Increased your productivity by working smart and managing your time

  • Built a budget and an accounting system to manage your expenses and keep you in profit

  • Created a marketing plan to reach your target audience 

Friends Party


Phase 4: Module 13 - 16

At the End of this Coaching Module You Will Have:

  • The ability to choose the best lead generation channels for your business 

  • Created a strategy to build a loyal and engaged community

  • Built trust in yourself to foster a healthy you and a healthy business 

  • Elevated your emotional intelligence 

  • The ideal language to speak to your prospects and write copy that sells

  • Designed your lead conversion strategy

  • The know how to create a sales funnel that sells to your target audience

Nathalie Delorme

“I highly recommend Idea2Profit, it’s hands down the best program I have found to develop your business and yourself. The knowledge and experience that Sandra brings to the program is top notch. You can tell she has lived what she shares.”


Whether you’re an introvert who enjoys limited time in groups or you are an extrovert and just can't get enough time connecting with other like minded individuals you’re in the right place.

In the Idea2Profit program you will be exposed to…

  • Nurturing, vibrant, fun, exciting energy 

  • Community of like minded entrepreneurs 

  • Coaching to help you see and value your potential

  • Abundance of guidance, direction and feedback to help you gain clarity on your ideas

  • Expanded capacity to think differently, to see a broader perspective, to choose your mindset

  • Motivated entrepreneurs passionate about making money and an impact in the world

I created Idea2Profit to support powerful entrepreneurs like you to make a change, build a sustainable business, make money and make an impact in the world doing something you love.


  • Gaining clarity on your idea and vision

  • Launching the business of your dreams

  • Up-leveling your current business to increase profits and impact

  • Being held accountable to be your best self in business and in life

  • Putting systems in place to support business and personal growth

  • Being part of a community of entrepreneurs who see you and uplift you

  • Making an abundance of money and making an impact





This program is for a select group of inspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change and build the business of their dreams.

If this is you, apply now - space is limited!
Click the button below to apply.


This program will transform you and your business. You will gain brilliant clarity, tools, and strategies to Explore, Plan, Develop and Launch your business. You can expect a positive transformation in your business, personal relationships, and overall quality of life. 

You will get...

Group Coaching Live Video Sessions

Weekly live video coaching sessions with Sandra and a group of inspiring entrepreneurs. 90 min video coaching sessions to Explore, Plan, Develop and Launch your business. The group coaching sessions are ongoing and you can take advantage of the coaching well beyond the 16 weeks it will take to complete the online learning modules.

16 Online Learning Modules

There are 4 modules for each phase of EPDL business development. Each phase offers an equal balance of business and personal growth. Each module includes 3-5 individual video lessons plus corresponding exercises that will have you taking action in your business in real time.

Members Only Community  

You will have ongoing access to support from your community of like minded entrepreneurs and business owners as well as Sandra. Your fellow business owners bring expertise, skills and experience that can help you grow your business.

PLUS - You will have access to expert content from...

Jt Clough Profile 1.2.jpg

JT Clough

Sales Funnel Expert

JT has been in business for over 30 years. She has owned advertising agencies, brick and mortar businesses, and she’s worked with hundreds of other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Casey james.png

Casey J. Combden

Wealth Dynamics Expert

Casey has owned and consulted to 25+ businesses. Casey's primary focus is to promote transformation by clearly identifying and focusing on the client's unique talents and unique abilities.


Alessandro Di Ruscio

Online Engagement Expert

Alessandro teaches how to build a loyal and engaged online community, how to get private clients, and have the possibility to work wherever and whenever.


Kheiston Tilford

Website Creative Expert

Kheiston’s agency specializes in brand development and website design to help entrepreneurs build their empires, businesses, organizations, and brands.


Kristin teal shirt.jpg

Kristin Shorter

Human Design Expert

Kristin is a #1 best-selling author, and Human Design Level IV Specialist. Kristin’s work has been featured on Amazon, various radio shows and tele-summits.


Nadalie Bardo

Blogging and Pinterest Expert

Nadalie is a best selling author. She escaped 9-5 and built a successful online business. She helps bloggers launch and level up their Pinterest strategies.

Laura Styler.png

Laura Styler

Energy Medicine Expert

Laura’s unique talent is releasing energetic blocks on the spiritual, and emotional levels. Laura teaches how to create energetic boundaries using the Human Energy Consciousness System.

Apply Now – Space is Limited! 
Click the button below to apply and schedule your no-obligation application call.

"Sandra has a way of getting to the core of the issues. She has great insight and background knowledge for Business and People Management. I always come away with a new view of a situation or a concept. Working with Sandra I feel heard, appreciated and understood.  I would highly recommend any one at a higher level to work with Sandra, she will accelerate your personal growth and business vision."

Marg McCarthy


Invest in Your Business

Invest in Yourself


Payment of
$2997 US



Payments of $549 US



Available for Those That Qualify

Adam O'Kane

“What drew me to the program was the focus on personal and business development. The online learning format is flexible to meet your schedule and on the weekly coaching calls I love sharing my experiences and helping others as well as getting support from other entrepreneurs.”


You will be surrounded by nurturing and supportive energy. You will gain new strategies, perspectives, and tools to create a profitable and sustainable business.

You deserve to make money and own your time. I am here to help you see and realize your full potential.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If it’s not for you, you get your money back. With the risk free guarantee you can test drive the Idea2Profit program with total peace of mind.

Apply Now – Space is Limited! 
Click the button below to apply and schedule your no-obligation application call.

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