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Jt Clough has been in business for over 30 years. She started before Google was a thing which is one of her super ninja secrets now.


When everyone is busy zigging, she’s zagging. She has owned advertising agencies, brick and mortar businesses, and she’s worked with hundreds of other people’s businesses.


She gets told all the time she can look into someone’s business and see what’s meant to be and she can make what’s super complicated amazingly simple.

Turns out that’s one of her super powers in the online social media crazed world of marketing today.


She has written articles that have been published in Forbes, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, CNN Lifestyle, Runners’ World,, Outdoor Magazine, and Shape Magazine to name a few. 


Jt is a 9x Ironman Finisher including two finishes at the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. To this day she uses the skills honed as a champion to get her clients from their starting line to the finish line in their business.

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