2020 was a huge year for business startups and it's predicted to be even bigger in 2021. So if you're contemplating starting a business, where do you start? What things do you need to consider to make sure you start on the right foot and head for success...

On the Big Little Business Show I discuss the first steps, how to make profit, where to get help and all the essential steps to a fully functioning business.

When determining a word success, you should be aware that everybody does not have the same perception of its meaning. Today’s guest in Expert Insight Interview is Sandra Francisco, business coach and consultant, and she will discuss the definition of success and profit maximization while experiencing personal growth.

Sales POP!

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We think jobs are secure but the reality is we may lose our job through no fault of our own.  As companies face storms they are consistently letting people go.

Take away: Separate those beliefs that are limiting you from your growth.

Action step: Allow yourself to let all of the statements that you have running through your mind about your own value and worthiness come to awareness and spend your week to make a list of this.

Richer Soul

Available on apple podcasts.

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Explore Your True Potential

with Sandra

A strategy session with Sandra is going to help you if you:

Have no business idea, simply a desire to own your time and control your financial freedom.

Have multiple ideas and want to choose the best business idea for you.

Have a business (even part time) and you want to explore maximizing your profit potential. 

Energetic and deeply thoughtful business coach, Sandra Francisco shares excellent advice about starting a business, transitioning from a full-time job and being true to yourself when deciding your entrepreneurial path. PREPARE to be an entrepreneur by looking at the numbers, following your intuition and implementing specific journaling skills that will help you build a roadmap to success.


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