5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Peace Of Mind

Updated: May 21, 2020

If you desire peace of mind, you need to stop the control the ego has on your life. You need to live in the interplay of the soul and the ego.

If you are reading this blog I am going to assume that you have a need and a desire to welcome more peace in your life. This is true for me now, and has been true for me for many years. Peace of mind has become my definition of success. Don't get me wrong, I still welcome and enjoy making money. I simply value the currency of peace above all else.

Over the years I have researched, practiced and experienced many different tools, techniques and teachings on how to increase peace of mind. The most powerful transformation I have experienced is in understanding and being aware of my ego in action.

In a recent blog How to Return to Love (Even When you Don't Want to), I addressed the concept of returning to an energy of love. It is not always easy to respond with love and kindness. When our egos are hurt, the usual reaction is inflamed. We typically react instead of responding. Reaction happens when the ego is in control. There is no peace of mind in a state of reaction.

The concept of the ego is one that has been taught in many different ways by many different teachers. Personally, I subscribe to the definition of the ego as defined by Matt Khan.

"the activity that happens when the personality becomes inflamed and our perspective of life becomes exaggerated, then we see things the way we think they are".