Are Successful People Less Human?

Updated: May 21, 2020

Humans share a collective may surprise you to know that you are not alone.

There is clear evidence that a new era is upon us, an era of authenticity and transparency. Some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs are revealing the biggest secret of all: that they are human. They are sharing their struggles with mental health, emotional health, self doubt, and self worth.

Most of the voices that are speaking out are saying they feel a responsibility to humanity to be upfront and honest about their struggles and their victories.

The successful people that are sharing their real stories can see how humans across the world are suffering. If you have any doubt about the depth of human suffering - take a look at the World Health Organization statistics, where they name depression as the world's leading cause of disability.

The brave entrepreneurs that are speaking out are talking about their struggles with self doubt, self worth, depression, bi-polar, ADHD, OCD, anxiety ... and they are also sharing how they thrive and succeed. They fall down and they get back up, they are redefining mental wellness.

In general most people are open and willing to complain about their circumstances and to blame others, but usually stop short of naming their greatest struggles, and their perceived failures. As humans, we share the collective secret of needing to protect ourselves by not sharing our pain and suffering with others.

Elizabeth Lesser the author of Broken Open states “When difficulties come our way we don't readily seek out help and compassion because we think others might not understand or would judge us harshly or take advantage of our weakness and so we hide out and we missed out”.

We believe that if we suffer we are flawed humans. We idolize those that are successful are we falsely believe that they have never suffered and that because we suffer we can never be successful.

The downside of these limiting beliefs is that without being open and honest with another human being we miss the benefit of a different perspective, and we get stuck in a cycle of emotional torment. I have witnessed first hand with my clients, the amazing transformations that are possible when someone has the courage to admit their greatest suffering. Once it's no longer a secret, once you let someone in and allow for feedback and reframes you allow for a new way to look at your perceived flaws.