Being Different is an Asset in Your Business

Have you struggled to beyond? Have you felt different than other people?

I have been coaching and consulting for 10 years and I worked with clients in the wellness industry, real estate, beauty, technology, construction and manufacturing. The question I get most often is - How can you coach all these diverse industries?

The answer is simple.

My focus is on the human being doing the business. And yes, I do share the business fundamentals, strategies and tools…but what I do more than anything else is help humans to create a system to know what is true for them.

To empower themselves with the greatest gift of knowing how to make decisions in their own best interest.

It took me years of coaching to discover my strength and my unique gift in coaching.

When I first started coaching I wanted to be like other great coaches. I studied the concept of coaching and I tried my best to be the best.

Until years later I surrendered to the fact that my clients get the best results when I stop trying to be anything like anyone else.

There’s an amazing quote by Albert Einstein that I’ve often shared with my clients and that is:

“A fish is magnificent except if you want it to climb a tree.”

If you’re a person that has a particular unique talent but you start comparing yourself against someone else who has a different unique talent, then what happens is the foundation of your happiness is based on your comparison against their talent.

This is really the foundation of all unhappiness.

Social media offers no shortage of opportunities to fall into the comparison trap. The trap that has you comparing what you’re doing to another entrepreneur’s curated highlight reel they beautiful display on Instagram or facebook.

It leaves you feeling like you must do better or be just like that person if you’re going to be successful.