Define What Success Means to You

Do you have a well defined list of how you define success for yourself?

If not, you are not alone.

Have you thought about what success means to you?

It's rare for someone to even ask you the question, “what does success mean to you?”

It is even more rare for anyone to encourage and guide you to think about success in your own terms.

Most likely, you just absorbed the meaning of success from the people and culture around you, watching how they lived and what was important to them, and what other people said about their accomplishments.

What you absorbed from the people around you was likely a lot of people that had no idea what success meant to them either.

Having a personal definition of success is like having rocket fuel that propels your ability to meet your true potential.

The best way to define success for yourself is to identify what fulfills you most, and then allow those things to influence your daily actions and your business vision.

I know that sounds challenging, and it does not have to be, let’s not over complicate this task.

One question I ask every client I coach is, “what do you love doing?”

8 out of 10 times, I get a blank stare as an initial response.