How to Find the Courage to Follow Your Heart's Desire

Updated: May 21, 2020

Love, joy, and peace are the rewards of listening and following your heart's desire. So why do some many of us resist our heart's calling?

Confession Alert! (and it's a bit lengthy)

I have not written a blog in over a month and there is a reason. I want to be transparent and authentic with you, so this will be a lengthy confession.

I was not inspired to write and share anything. I dropped down into some dark times, where I lost perspective and most of all I lost the ability to see my value.

It all began when I reflected on the state of my business, specifically coaching.

I remember when I first worked with a client 1:1 on a personal level, it felt to me like a meditation. Time passed so quickly, and when it was over I felt more peace than I had in years.

At the time I had no idea why this happened. Now I can see clearly that I was completely present and working with my intuitive sense, so my mind was quite.

What's the problem with that (you may be wondering)?

Simply put, I could not define my value in the absence of my intellectual mind.

Since I could not see the value in working with intuition, I decided to stop working with clients on a personal level and focus on business consulting. I know the value of my intellect, and I feel safe and confident using my intellect.

However, this safety is happening on the level of the mind...and my heart is not aligned.

Two years ago, I heard my heart's calling to work 1:1 with clients again and I focused more ti