How to Keep Going When Everything Sucks

If you are an entrepreneur and you are in the “suck” season right now…I feel you, I have been there many times in the last 10 years.

Being in business for yourself is not easy. If it was everyone would do it, or at least a lot more people would start a business.

To get thru the season of “suck”, you need to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Just like you would prepare an emergency kit if you lived in an earthquake zone, you need to prepare an emergency kit for your business.

There are two essential tools you need to include in your business emergency kit.

1. Know Your Why

Why you are in business? What you are wanting to achieve? What is the purpose for your desired outcomes?

If you are rolling your eyes right now, don’t tune out just yet. I know you are probably tired of hearing people tell you to define your why.

Maybe you have defined your why and you expected magic to happen after you had a clear why.

At least this is what I see with my clients, a lot frustration that after spending the time defining their big why, and not seeing their business automatically flourish.

Your why is like your compass. It is a tool, that will keep you on track in your business. It is a tool, so you have to pick it up and use it.

Just like any other tool, it is useless if you just pack it away.

When you are going thru the season of “suck”, this is the time to take out your compass. This is the time to review your why.

Use your why to fuel your energy when your energy is low, when you feel like giving up, when you don’t know what to do next and when you are filled with doubts.

Tune into the passion and joy that you experienced when defining your why. Pick up the resonance of that energy to fuel you and get you thru the “suck” season.