How to Keep it Together When Everything is Falling Apart

Updated: May 21, 2020

6 lessons on how to survive and thrive during the difficult times. You can maintain your inner strength even when you are weathering a storm.

how to keep it together when everything is falling apart

Out of nowhere, comes news that sends your world into chaos. The next thing you know, life as you knew it is crumbling, and coming apart.

The first human reaction is to panic, feel sorry for yourself and desperately want to run and hide. At least that was my reaction when my world suddenly fell apart.

One day, in what seemed like a bad dream, a close family member was diagnosed with cancer.

My life started to spiral out of control, I had no clue how to manage myself. I was lost to a full time job of panic, fear and worry.

What I did not know at the time is that just because our lives may be falling apart, it doesn’t mean that we have to follow suit and fall apart as well.

In fact, it's during the most difficult times that we can build the character and inner strength that will carry us to our greatest life adventures.

If you are now or have in the past experienced a devastating time in your life, you know that you can easily fall into victimhood. You can ask yourself "WHY ME?", you can believe that you are being punished, that God is out to get you, and maybe even that you deserve this...all of these thoughts are mind constructs that set you up to believe you are a victim.

It is important to note that these thoughts are NOT TRUE. They are normal human reactions to pain and loss, but they are not true. Even, if everyone in your life is feeling sorry for you. You don't have to be a victim of your circumstances.