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How to Know If You Are Living Your Truth

Updated: May 21, 2020

What is true for you is not true, it's just true for you. The truth of the soul is powerful. Trust your power to question your beliefs and live your truth.

I hope as you read this you have a good idea of what is true for you, and if not - don’t worry it’s life’s journey to find out.

So first things first...believing that you can decide what is true for you is the first concept you have to embrace.

If this is a new concept to you, don't panic. All is well. You are safe. It's ok to question your beliefs and it's ok to question what is true and not true for you.

You are allowed to find your bliss, to feel free, to embody your truth.

You see in my opinion there is no such thing as absolute truth. Everything in life can be questioned and there will always be multiple opinions and evidence pointing to any one side of the story.

Knowing what is true for you means you decide what you choose to believe. I know that statement can be controversial. There are many people that believe you just have to believe in what you are told or what others believe to be true.

I have found a lot of peace in defining my truth.

So let me give you an example of what I currently believe is true for me:

I believe that the universe has my back, that there is a God (not a man in heaven but a collective universal power), that we transition in life, there is no death just another dimension of experience.

Believing this makes me feel happy, safe and at peace.

I know that this could be false and that’s ok I choose to make it true for me. I look at it this way, I will only know for sure after I am dead.

If there is no universal power and death is final then I will never know I was wrong...and in the meantime I lived my life happy believing this was true.

So I can’t lose.

Now, please understand I am not saying you need or should believe what I believe...only if it feels good to you.

What I am saying is you have permission and you have the right to decide what to believe.

Choose beliefs that make you feel good, that make life worth living, that uplift you and bring you joy.

Question what you are believing if it is not bringing you joy and peace.

Just ask - Is it true? Am I positive it is absolutely true?

In asking you make room for the possibility that what you are currently believing that is hurting you may not be true.

It’s ok if in the moment it still feels very true for you, as long as you recognize that it is hurting you and you choose to question it, you are one step ahead.

So how do you know if you are living in your truth?

Here are 4 clues that you are living in the power of your soul's truth:

1. Guilt doesn't rule your world

The overwhelming feeling of guilt is a clue that you are NOT living your truth. It's probably one of the best signs you need to question what you are thinking and believing. When you feel guilty it's because you either took an action or had a thought that went against your true nature.

When you know your truth and you act according to what is true for you it creates an euphoric sense of freedom.

When you are living your truth it is not possible to feel guilt. Even when others are not happy with your actions and you still feel free.

2. You're not defined by your circumstances

You know your value is within you. When you are being true to yourself, the external circumstances don't define you. You realize you are more than what you have.

You feel abundant regardless of your bank account, you feel joy even when pain is also present, you feel free even if you are temporarily stuck.

3. Outside validation isn't a priority

The more you embody your truth the more you feel a sense of validation that comes from within. Sure, outside validation feels good, but it should not be your only source of validation. You can still enjoy compliments. The trick is to be ok with criticism as well.

This is a process, please always be kind to yourself and give yourself time to grown your internal validation while still indulging in external validation.

It's all about self awareness. As long as you are aware of the feeling of internal validation you will naturally want more of it.

4. You don't feel pressure to agree with others

In reality you're not going to please everyone, and that's ok. Being honest and truthful with others is where there is lasting fulfillment. Remember it's your truth, don't expect or require that others believe what you believe. If you do, you are still giving your power away.

It's not about being indifferent to other people's opinions of you, it's holding your opinion of yourself in the highest regard.

How well do you know your truth? How has it evolved over time?

Share your insights in the comment section below. If this blog resonates with you, please share it below on any of your social platforms.

Wishing you love, joy and peace,

Sandra Francisco


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