How to Make Peace With Your Past and Let Go of the Pain

Updated: May 21, 2020

It’s easier than you think to make peace with your past and let go of the pain from your past. You have to become aware of it, before you can truly let it go.

Awareness is the first step in any healing journey. When you can clearly see what has caused you pain, it no longer has a choke hold on your heart.

If you are questioning your decisions, your behaviours and your actions and if you are waiting to make a change in your life, yet you feel stuck in a pattern...this is a must read for you.

In my recent trip to Portugal I became aware of another layer of pain in my past that I have been carrying with me for decades. This pain has dictated so many of my decisions, it has caused me to play small, and hide from the world.

I lived in Portugal until I was 10. I was a different human being when I was there. I know that all kids grow up and change, but I completely transformed and not in a good way. In fact, physically my hair changed colour from blonde to dark brown in less than a year. A perfect metaphor for what happened to me. I went from showing up as a bright light, to extinguishing my light and hiding in the dark.

How to Make Peace With Your Past And Let Go of the Pain
My first home in Portugal.

The best way I can describe my transformation is to let you in on my life before the age of 10 and my life after I moved to Canada. My hope is that my story resonates with you and allows you to gain awareness of the pain of your past so you can let it go.

Here’s a glimpse at my life before the age of 10:

  • I was fearless. When I was 4 I was the one going to close the gate to our property at night because the adults were afraid to do it in the dark.