How to Return to Love (Even When you Don't Want to)

Updated: May 21, 2020

In the book a Return to Love Marianne Williamson teaches us how to recognize the true essence of love, the purity of unconditional love, and how to return to love.

The pure essence of unconditional love is best witnessed by infants and little children. They don't hold a grudge, easily forgive and they return to love always.

As we mature we become conditioned by the world around us and we lose the ability to return to love as easily. Often, we actually lose the desire to return to love. Rather than taking an action to welcome love back in, we shut down and try to convince ourselves we don't need it anyway.

A Return to love is a must read (in my opinion). A book that will warm your heart and empower you to choose love. Best of all, Marianne Williamson does a beautiful job of defining the true essence of love.

Human beings have become so accustomed to associating love to relationships. Love is most often defined an action, something you do. Love is also judged on the terms of whether it is deserved. Most of all, love is seen as something you have to give to others in limited quantities.

At its purest form love is energy. It is not based in action, it cannot be judged, and it has no end.

Many spiritual leaders and philosophers have described love as the energy that moves the universe.

If you allow yourself to believe that love is the energy of the universe, then you must also conceive that you need love to flow thru you to be at your best. To experience your authentic power, you need to feel and circulate the energy of love.

Accepting the need to love and be loved is not the problem. It only becomes a problem when we feel hurt and betrayed by others or the world in general. This is when we shut down the circulation of the energy of love within us. Marianne suggests that we shut down love, because we know our magnificent potential and that is truly what we fear.