My Peanut is on Vacation: How to Know When you Need a Mental Vacation.

Updated: May 21, 2020

I gave my thinking brain aka "my peanut" a few days off. I needed a break from trying to solve the world's problems.

my peanut is on vacation

If you haven't read my blog "My Peanut is Bigger than Your Peanut", I suggest you do or this one won't make much sense.

I decided to take a mental vacation and give my thinking brain "my peanut" three days off, and I imagined that it decided to go to Paris. Why not?

So every time my peanut tries to come back early (and it sure loves to work, so it keeps trying to come back) I just tell it to go back and enjoy the croissants.

One of the biggest fears about taking a mental vacation is the thought that if we take our thinking brain offline, we will not be safe. Taking a mental vacation does not mean you are powering down your brain, if you need your brain power it's always there available to you. By the way, it's not your thinking brain that alerts you to danger and the need to pay's usually your intuition that comes online to keep you safe.

So if we can't always solve our problems with our thinking brain, then what can we use?

This is where intuition comes into play. All jokes aside, I really felt the need to take the focus away from my rational mind and allow my intuition to give me guidance. The need arose because I started to feel exhausted and overwhelmed trying to make decisions. My rational mind was going in circles, thinking and re thinking...and I was aware I was stuck in a loop. So hence the need to send my peanut on vacation.

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