Proof of Heaven: A Love Story

Updated: May 21, 2020

A love story presented by Dr. Eben Alexander a highly accomplished neurosurgeon.

Quote Alert! There are just too many magnificent quotes in this book not to share, so bare with me...

Have you ever felt the need to feel safe, loved and cherished? I certainly have. So many times, when I feel overwhelmed by life I have a deep desire to believe that the universe has my back.

In the book Proof of Heaven, Dr, Eben Alexander presents his life experience, and if only you allow it, it will change your life forever. You will never again feel alone, or unloved...but only if you trust and allow the possibility that his experience speaks the truth.

Dr. Eben Alexander had e-coli meningitis an extremely rare illness, that affected the part of the brain that controls thought and emotion, the part that essentially makes us human. His brain literally shut down completely.

He spent seven days in a deep coma. On the 7th day, the doctors gave up on him ever recovering. To the surprise of all the doctors and his family, Dr. Alexander suddenly opened his eyes, regained consciousness and made a full recovery. The doctors were left with no scientific explanation for the recovery, they could only call it a "medical miracle". This is not the end of the story, it’s actually the beginning.

In the book Proof of Heaven Dr. Alexander recounts his Near Death Experience (commonly referred to as NDE), during the seven days that he was in the coma. There are three powerful lessons that got my attention, and here they are...

#1 Death is not the end - It’s a transition

Dr. Alexander recounts seeing countless higher dimensions or realms during his near death experience. He vividly depicts the richness of a vast universe that was available to him after his brain was diagnosed as “completely dead” by his doctors and neurosurgeons.

In other cases of NDEs doctors would explain that the patients experiences while in a coma were due to the fact that their brains were still functioning and creating a world of imagination. In the case of Dr. Alexander his brain was actually clinically dead. The medical community has not been able to explain his experiences.

“I was simply present, I was not aware of a body”.

He was however, at least part of the time aware of life on earth and of the human experiences of his loved ones. He makes the point that life on earth is part of a larger universe and it is not separate but rather intertwined.

Proof of Heaven