Stop Blaming to Win the Game

Updated: May 21, 2020

The temporary high of blaming someone for your pain is highly addictive. The drawback is you will never win your true desires as long as you play the blame game.

stop blaming to win the game

When you blame, complain, and feel sorry for yourself - you lose every single time. Guaranteed!.

Anger and blaming is a false power. It is highly addictive because it feels really (really X10) good temporarily. When you let out anger, it feels like a great release. So you chase it as often as you can, you chase the high. Just like any drug that is addictive it is all about the immediate high.

As long as you can find someone to blame, you can justify and stay in control. You avoid having to look within, which can be a lot more complicated and involve a lot more pain in the short term.

The dictionary defines addiction as "a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance". Although, you can't ingest blame like a substance, it is a habit that easily becomes compulsive and addictive.

Tara Brach, the author of Radical Acceptance says that "when we are convinced someone else is wrong and we focus our attention on them, we are not able to access our own power and our own resourcefulness".

It's a mind trick to blame, because as long as you are blaming you are stuck in the mind unable to move forward and take positive action towards your desires.

Will you try this experiment with me?

Think about something that you truly desire...Now be honest with yourself, is there anyone that you blame for you not having what you desire?

If you answered yes. You are not alone. I will confess and join you.

Although, I have tried to quit the blame game many times. I am still slightly addicted. However, I will give myself some serious kudos because I used to be a junkie.