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You Were Born Wild and Free

Updated: May 21, 2020

What if you allowed your free spirit to help you make grown up decisions? What would your life be like today?

you were born wild and free

You were born wild and free
We are born free of judgements, comparisons, compulsive thinking and limiting beliefs. All of these are learned from our environment as we grow up. Depending on the environment we are exposed to in childhood, we can be free for a few short few years or well into our double digits.

I remember being a free spirit until I was 10. My memory of freedom was not being afraid very often, being curious, having a desire to try new things, exploring freely, believing in abundance, not thinking a whole lot, playing in nature for hours, feeling whole and complete, not needing much to be happy, and feeling free to express myself.

I am aware that the little girl that was once a free spirit has not been running the show for a very long time.

In fact, she has taken a back seat for 30 years. In my case it was a significant event that scared her into hiding. In the place of the free spirit, a new energy started to form. An energy that created the conditioned mind, obsessed with finding safety and protection. An energy that was dominated by fear, that adopted compulsive thinking, that believed in "not enough", and above all did not want to be seen.

Needless to say that my decisions have been highly impacted by the conditioned mind that has been in charge for over 30 years. This awareness is what caused me to look at decision making in a new and creative way.

Consider this...

I am sure one of the first thoughts to come to your mind is something like this - "my free spirit would stop working, buy a candy store and have lots of sleepovers". YES, mine too!

Although funny, this thought is based on the belief that if we let go of the conditioned mind even just a bit, we would lose control, make a mistake, be irresponsible and not be safe.

So instead of focusing on thoughts, let's focus on feelings. When you tune into your free sprit, what do you feel?

Let's use the example that you are looking for a job, and it's been a few months and you have not found a match.

Your conditioned mind will most likely start by creating a lot of fear thoughts, compulsive thinking on how to solve the problem will follow, along with feelings of not being enough, needing to settle for less, and more fear will be added to create a perfect storm of thoughts and feelings.

Now what if you were to allow your free spirit to weigh in here...

Tune into the feelings of freedom you had as a child and ask that innocent child "what does she/he feel about this situation?

Will it be a feeling of enough, abundance, curiosity, all is well, wholeness...

Once you access the feelings then ask yourself what action can you take now that matches the feelings you just got from your free spirt. If you were getting a feeling of abundance and there is always enough, then maybe your action is not to settle for any job, instead keep looking for the one you desire.

This will take practice depending on how rooted you are into the conditioned mind. At first, the mind may not allow you the access to the feelings from your free spirit, or it will give you a million reasons why you should not trust the feelings. It may take a bit of time and patience. In my opinion, it is well worth the time.

If you try to do this creative decision making exercise in your mind, it is likely that the mind will have you going in circles. I highly recommend that you do it on paper. Here is a template that you can use to fill in the decision you are considering, your thoughts and feelings from free spirit and the conditioned mind as well as the best action you can take.

Going back to the job searching example above --- once you decide on an action, like continuing to search for your desired job, then it's vital that you stay rooted in the energy of your free spirit. The conditioned mind will go to work giving you tons of thoughts that will make you doubt your decision.

You will need to stay focused and root yourself in the feelings of abundance and worthiness. I'm sure at this point your conditioned mind is already asking - how do I do that?

There are many ways you can stay rooted in abundance and worthiness, here are just a few:

  1. Look for abundance all around you (You will find it in nature, in your fridge, in your pantry, in your spare change.)

  2. Treat yourself to something you can afford (Don't make a purchase outside your budget or that is sure to bring feelings of lack later on.)

  3. Create a mantra that you repeat (I am worthy, I am abundant, abundance is all around me)

  4. Look for evidence of your worthiness and value (If you are alive, you have value. The universe does not make mistakes.)

Repetition and focus is most important. If you focus on it, it has to come to you. That's a universal law.

Have you allowed your free spirit to help you make grown up decisions? What happened?

Share your insights in the comment section below.

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Wishing you love, joy and peace,

Sandra Francisco


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