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What Clients Are Saying...

I started working with Sandra at a time when my business was growing at hyper speed. Sandra helped me to implement business structure to sustain the growth and allow me more personal freedom. Her greatest gift is her presence, I felt safe to be vulnerable and it was in that space that I achieved the greatest results in my business and my relationships.

Shea wineck

los angeles, usa

Coaching with Sandra is amazing. On the human level, she is caring and empathetic. I personally wanted to build a business; I found that Sandra was the perfect person to do that. She provided me all of the confidence that I needed. She has a calming personality that helps you face challenges as a first time business owner. On the personal level, she has supported me through my personal challenges. I would not be as far as I am now without her support. 

Michael assiamah

toronto, canada

I was on the verge of burnout from juggling a demanding business and a growing family. Under Sandra's empathetic leadership, I have regained clarity in purpose, confidence in capabilities, and courage to embrace challenges. Since working with Sandra, my business is doubling year over year, my key relationships are thriving, the feedback from my associates has been positive, indicating a greater ability to build and lead relationships with teams, clients, and family members.

Lannie Le
Toronto, Canada


I love Sandra, her knowledge and experience are priceless, throughout the coaching calls I tend to get my answers without asking a question it is as if Sandra knows where I am at and what I need without me asking. There is some magic that is mind blowing, at every stage all my doubts, insecurities and fears about launching my business has dissolved. I am clear that all I need is to take consistent action and apply all the teachings and knowledge. It has been a delight to experience the evolution of my business since I began working with Sandra.

Jaya Sangu

lisbon, portugal

Sam Ferreri.jpg

After 38 years in business I have worked with just about all the coaches in my industry. Sandra was a breath of fresh air. She has helped me both personally and professionally this year. My team and my revenues have grown and we are on track for an even better year. Sandra helped me gain clarity at a time when I needed it most. I appreciate Sandra deeply.

Sam Ferreri

Houston, USA

Sandra has a remarkable gift that needs to be shared with millions. She is my secret weapon. In just a few minutes she can take me from total confusion to brilliant clarity. Sandra has given me billion dollar advice that I will use for the rest of my life. Her ability to ask the right questions at the right moment is uncanny. I am learning to be the best version of myself. Sandra can see the best of me and she shows me how to optimize. I am blessed to have Sandra as my coach.

Mamta Sahota

brampton, canada

I first went from freaking out and frustrated that all the stuff that I was learning online was not connecting. Sandra not only helped me launch a plan to succeed in my online business but she gave me the confidence that I needed to secure the sale. Having her step by step was the best decision that I ever made for my business. The results speak for themselves: I have not only one, but two successful businesses.

nadalie bardo

markham, canada

Explore Your True Potential

with Sandra

A strategy session with Sandra is going to help you if you:

Have no business idea, simply a desire to own your time and control your financial freedom.

Have multiple ideas and want to choose the best business idea for you.

Have a business (even part time) and you want to explore maximizing your profit potential. 

noella ingabire.jpeg

“I heard Sandra speak at a conference and I was blown away. She speaks with such confidence and knowledge. When, it was time to be teamed up with a coach I really hoped it would be Sandra and lucky me, I got connected to Sandra. Every week on my coaching call Sandra made me feel like I was her only client. She listened and truly helped me discover myself, my real passion and my focus in my business. Sandra has an amazing spirit and she is the one to watch!”

Noella ingabire

Toronto, Canada

Sandra is a true inspiration with an abundance of knowledge. She has awakened my powerful leadership skills, that for many years were embedded deep down inside of me.  I can truly say that as a leader I have grown in many ways, which in turn, has grown my business for the bigger vision we have ahead of us. I can truly say that Sandra is a mentor and she has become a part of my life. I am grateful.

Mary Montagnese

woodbridge, Canada

Marg McCarthy.jpg

Sandra has a way of getting to the core of the issues.  She has great insight and background knowledge for Business and People Management, Personal interaction and Personal Development. I always come away with a new view of a situation or a concept. Being at the top of an organization can be very lonely and overwhelming. Working with Sandra I feel heard, appreciated and understood.  I would highly recommend any one at a higher level to work with Sandra, she will accelerate your personal growth and business vision.

marg mccarthy

shelburne, Canada

Julie Canzio.jpg

Sandra has brought my business world class strategic expertise that has saved me money, time and effort. You can trust, rely on, and expect that Sandra will deliver results. Sandra’s clarity and ability to help me solve complex problems in a few simple steps is brilliant. Sandra's uniqueness lies in her ability to provide clarity that has led me to execute significant results in my business and life. I assure you Sandra will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Julie Canzio

vaughan, Canada

Franca Reade.jpg

Sandra is a fantastic coach. She always goes the extra mile for her clients and is eager to see them succeed. She has shared so much valuable wisdom with me. She has taught me the importance of commitment and follow thru, time management, tracking and how to manage priorities. I would recommend Sandra to anyone that is looking to achieve results and wants to progress their business to the next level. These words are from my heart, I look forward to every coaching call that I have with Sandra.

franca rende

toronto, Canada

John Nguyen.jpg

Sandra made me feel comfortable from day one. I easily trusted she has my best interest at heart. Her gifted way of asking questions and truly listening helped me to gain clarity and make dollar productive decisions. She is strict and held me to my commitments. She balanced the personal growth and business growth in a way that allowed me to learn to be my best self. 

john nguyen

vaughan, Canada

Blueprint Session

What if you stopped second-guessing yourself, ideas just flowed, and your actions turned into profit — sound too good to be true?


Book a Blueprint Session where we will deep dive into a specific area of business or life that is of highest priority to you and get you the clarity and results you deserve.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Sandra. She made me realize that I can make my passion into profit. Sandra listened to me and helped me to clarify and eliminate self limiting thoughts. She was able to bring to light more limitations then I realized that were holding me back. She helped me see how I can overcome them. She shared resources and tools on how I can move forward with greater confidence and in just a week I have already made huge headway in my business.

Kathleen Shewchuck

toronto, Canada

I was looking to solve a challenge I had been dealing with for a number of years...

During my blueprint session with Sandra, I was blown away with her ability to truly listen with all of her heart and mind. I was able to see a lifelong pattern, obtain a continual theme and gather some very impactful insights.

She led me to my solution with her brilliant and powerful questions.

patricia bardowell

markham, Canada

patricia Bardowell.jpg


What if you could make a change and build the business of your dreams....

Whether you are looking to explore an idea and gain your financial freedom, already made a change and left your job to start a business, or you are running a side business and want to take it to the next level, the Idea to Profit program is designed to get you the business of your dreams.​​

Idea2Profit is a combination of education and collaboration that gives you a support system to go from idea to profit.

I was first drawn to Idea2Profit because I was just starting my self employed journey. I was already in launch phase but it was so beneficial for me to start the program from the explore phase. I discovered so many new systems and strategies to implement in my business. I would never have this knowledge without this program and Sandra by my side.

kiera wineck

california, usa

Idea2Profit has been instrumental in helping me identify my target market and my brand. This is something I have been struggling to define for years. I love the weekly coaching calls, meeting with like minded business owners and having the accountability to grow my business.

Clover Lam

toronto, canada

I highly recommend Idea2Profit, it’s hands down the best program I have found to develop your business and yourself. The knowledge and experience that Sandra brings to the program is top notch. You can tell she has lived what she shares.

Nathalie Delorme

st. catherines, canada

I highly recommend Idea2Profit because Sandra helped me believe in myself. Sandra helped me overcome some challenges and helped me identify the commonalities between different businesses. She helped me recognize that I could start my business with the current skills that I had.

jennifer tran

new york, USA

I began to reconnect myself with new eyes at the explore, plan, develop, and launch aspects of my business. I looked at my existing business with dual awareness. One of the the many benefits of the program is definitely the collaboration with others that are having their own experiences and insights. It has felt like a comfortable and safe environment and an opportunity to explore thoughts and ideas out loud. 

paula wineck

durham, canada

I love how she incorporates weekly coaching calls with people who are like-minded and are going through their entrepreneurial journey. Everyone enters at different stages. Just know that on a business level, Sandra can help you, but also on the personal level as well. When I scale my business, I know that Sandra will be the right coach for me to work with one-on-one as well.

Marinda Say

Vaughan, Canada

“I love that each week's content is bite sized. I loved both the business and personal modules. The support from the group comes without judgement and we learn and share with each other. It is such a rewarding experience. I am thankful that Sandra came up with this concept. My awareness of who I am and my true purpose has grown so much."

Morgan Greene

Maryland, USA

I am honoured to have this opportunity to be part of Idea2profitThis is an excellent program. I love Sandra's energy and I felt an immediate connection with her. Being introduced to Human Design has made a huge impact on me and my business. There is a lot of value in this program and I assure you, you will not regret deciding to take part in this opportunity.

Sonam Chadmaria

bangalore, india

I highly recommend the program - No matter where you are with your business. Whether you have a business and need a reset button, or just have an idea, it will suit you like a glove. It gives you step-by-step on how to bring your idea into reality. The opportunity to get coaching sessions with Sandra is mind-blowing. Sandra listens to you and knows what is your next best step. 

If you are undecided right now, go for it. Every step of the program, magic happens.

Jaya sangu

lisbon, portugal

I was struggling to know how to move forward in my current business and I was thinking of starting a new business. After going thru the explore phase I realized I had a great foundation, I just needed to shift my current model so that I can work less and make more profit. Sandra challenged me to identify my value and what is valuable to my target market. I am now moving forward making profit in alignment with my personal values, which is amazing.

Bridget Fauteux

Windsor, canada

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