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Explore with Sandra How to Create Profit with Your True Potential 

Get one step closer to building

the business that is right for YOU

A strategy session with Sandra

is going to help you if you:

Have no business idea, simply a desire to own your time and control your financial freedom.

Have multiple ideas and want to choose the best business idea for you.

Have a business (even part time) and you want to explore maximizing your profit potential. 

About Sandra

Sandra Francisco is a Business Coach that helps entrepreneurs go from idea to profit while balancing their personal growth so that they can have true fulfillment and extraordinary profit. She spent 15 years as a marketing and product development expert for two of Canada's fortune 10 company's, managing 50 and 100 million-dollar projects while leading 1000's of people.


Her experience as a Product launch manager accelerated her insight and her understanding of the markets, business, and people. As a co-founder of Human Potential International, Sandra holds a Business Commence Degree and is certified in multiple modalities of the human psyche and peak performance.


The combination of her eclectic background in personal and professional development translates to a unique and exceptional understanding of people, from multi-million-dollar business owners to entrepreneurs that are just getting started in business. Sandra believes that you rarely have a purely business problem, because everywhere you go, there you are. 


Over the last 11 years, her focus has been to work with business owners and new entrepreneurs in the interplay between personal growth and business growth. Sandra is a compassionate human being with a deep gift and skill for listening to the message between the words for her clients.

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