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It's a Rare Privilege to Coach You...

Tell Me More About Sandra

After 15 years of working for two Fortune 10 Companies in Canada and managing 50 and 100 Million-dollar projects, I was on track to achieving tremendous corporate success in my professional career, when a change of fate and personal crisis forced me to reconsider my life’s path. (If you are curious to know more, read the blog...I speak openly about my life's challenges)

After making the difficult decision to leave the corporate path, I found myself exploring nutrition, professional coaching and the dynamics of the human psyche. 


This naturally lead me to becoming an entrepreneur and applying my new found knowledge and interests in the business world.  

Being an entrepreneur has taught me more about life than I ever expected.  The day you begin to sell yourself, you start a new chapter in your life.  It is likely that many thoughts and emotions you have buried deep inside will start to come to the surface.  Thoughts like “I am not good enough, what was I thinking, no one wants my product or service, I don’t have enough time, etc...This is perfectly normal considering the programming many of us have received throughout our lifetime.  The key is to be aware of that programming and begin to recondition yourself for a new desired outcome.

As a result of my natural curiosity to seek the truth, I committed myself to learning systems and programs that could empower a person’s ability to achieve their potential.

Today, I am certified in multiple modalities of human performance, (see credentials and certifications below) which translates to a unique and exceptional understanding of people, from executives at the highest level to the “Solo-preneurs” that are just getting started in business.

I am a human being that is evolving every day.  I am at peace knowing that the best I can do, is the best I can do with the resources I have.  I bring that realization to every client and act as that new empowering resource to every client’s evolution.

Credentials and Certifications

Credentials: Bachelor of Business Commerce, MBA Essentials for Managers, Bachelors of IT Management.


Certifications: NLP Master Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Quantum Change Process, Holistic Nutritional Practitioner, Human Potential Life Map Technologies.

So…what’s in it for you?

I have the ability to provide laser focused clarity that leads to significant results in short periods of time.  I have this magical ability to unlock client’s preventions in shockingly short periods of time.  Reviewing my client testimonies, you’ll see the consistent theme of my exceptional ability to intuitively listen to message between the words.  I pride myself on being 100% present for my clients for every minute that I spend with them.

Why should you care?

Coaching and mentoring is “Time Acceleration.”  The value of a coach and mentor is time and speed to results. Why struggle your way to the business you want when you can have someone help you remove your roadblocks.


I have a powerful gift of providing insight and knowledge with no judgment.  My primary desire for you is that you achieve what’s right and true for you.

What can you do about it?

Click below to book a complimentary discovery call. The discovery call is not a coaching session. The purpose of the call is to discover whether coaching with me is the right next step for you. It also offers us both the opportunity to experience working together.


What if I am ready for a coaching session?

If you are seeking clarity, direction and focus as well as knowing where to invest your time and money, and the mindset to live up to your potential...then you are ready for a Business Strategy Session.

Need more information on Sandra?

Be sure to read the testimonials below.


Mamta Sahota

Brampton, Canada

"Sandra has a remarkable gift that needs to be shared with millions. She is my secret weapon. In just a few minutes she can take me from total confusion to brilliant clarity. Her ability to ask the right questions at the right moment is uncanny. I am learning to be the best version of myself. I am blessed to have Sandra as my coach."

Julie Canzio
Vaughan, Canada

“Sandra has brought my business world class strategic expertise that has saved me money, time and effort.  Sandra’s clarity and ability to help me solve complex problems in a few simple steps is brilliant.  I assure you Sandra will deliver above and beyond your expectations.”

Noella Ingabire

Toronto, Canada

“I heard Sandra speak at a conference and I was blown away. She speaks with such confidence and knowledge. Every week on my coaching call Sandra made me feel like I was her only client. She listened and truly helped me discover myself, my real passion and my focus in my business. Sandra has an amazing spirit and she is the one to watch!”

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